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The Practical Applied Stress Training (P.A.S.T) program is designed to allow tactical teams to incorporate job applicable ‘functional’ training into their existing programs to take their general physical preparedness (GPP) to the next level. P.A.S.T bridges the essential gap between physical training and firearms training, allowing the SWAT operator to be better prepared for the demands of the job:

“Our team was looking for ideas on increasing the intensity of our range and force-on-force training sessions when I found Will’s program - Practical Applied Stress Training Principles.

The P.A.S.T. program isn’t just a series of exercises, it’s an educational program that instructs trainers in how to design and implement stress training for their team. Will has designed the program in such a way that a team can blend applied stress training with their current training programs and increase the level of intensity as appropriate.

Obviously, preparing tactical personnel for the types of anaerobic and aerobic stress that can occur in high stress incidents requires training that realistically imitates operational work.

The P.A.S.T. program provides trainers with a methodology to create that training in a scientific, controlled and effective manner. We have had good success with this program thus far and I’m absolutely certain the long-term benefits in readiness training will be noticeable.

I highly recommend the P.A.S.T. program for any team who is ready to take their training to a higher level.”

- Lt. Randy Hudspeth
Raytown Missouri Police Department

What you get in the P.A.S.T Program

The program includes a manual that covers the program from start to finish. It supplies basic to advanced instruction, using one and two operator examples, or full team stages. The manual covers how to build effective stress training for those teams with little to no budget, to a program using highly effective recommended training tools.

The P.A.S.T program is designed to be integrated with the existing firearms programs used by trainers and departments, and modulated for those in great condition to those who need to be in great condition…The program can be used by teams at all levels of firearms proficiency and physical conditioning.

The program also includes a private members area which includes videos of the training, as well as forums where members can get additional advice, talk about their experiences, offer helpful suggestions to others, and speak with qualified advisors how best to optimize the P.A.S.T Program to their team.

What P.A.S.T is not; The P.A.S.T Program is not a firearms instructional program or a program that deals with tactics. Although some firearms related materials and resources are provided, it’s not a firearms program in the classic sense. It’s specifically designed to be combined with the firearms doctrine of experienced trainers and departments to greatly augment their tactical teams operational readiness and ability to perform under high levels of stress.



PS, if you have additional questions, feel free to contact me, post to the forums, etc. The article “Improving the Physical Preparedness and Operational longevity of the SWAT Operator” found on the OptimalSWAT site will also help the reader get an idea of the basics and value of the P.A.S.T Program.


Online Fitness, Performance, Health Seminar for The Tactical Community

Will Brink has created this six part series of videos to cover the essential issues that apply to all first responders, with an emphasis on tactical LE/ tactical community. However, anyone looking to get a solid over view of supplements, training and basic nutrition as it relates to general health and functional performance will benefit from this seminar.

The seminar covers topics such as:

  • - The importance of proper nutrition and training for the health and longevity of the tactical athlete, specifically as it applies to LE

  • - Use patterns of supplements by SOF, with recommendations made on the issue for LE

  • - The essential issues surrounding correct programming for training of tactical athletes

  • - Recommendation of balanced programs for strength, endurance, and conditioning

  • - The impact of training on health & performance

  • - Various research examples

  • - Recommended readings

  • - Using Heart Rate Monitors to optimize intensity

And much more!

The seminar provides essential information for all LE, Tactical LE, PMC, MIL, SOF, or dedicated civi who wishes to received in depth information of these topics and apply them to their own fitness/health/performance programs. In order to reap the full benefit of the seminar, and to have access to Will and the OptimalSWAT Advisory Team to ask questions on our forum, you must be a registered at OptimalSWAT.

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